Clinics and Services




Family Planning Services

Contraceptive care, including implants and coil insertions, is provided by the doctors during surgery hours. Our practice nurses provide advice and appointments for repeat prescriptions of contraceptive pills and also give depot contraceptive injections.


Maternity Care: Antenatal

Patients are seen by the midwife at the clinic by appointment and also by the doctors during surgery hours.


image of baby being weighed

Well Baby Clinic

The baby clinics are run by a practice nurse who gives childhood immunisations.

A doctor and health visitor are available for child developmental checks and to discuss other problems.


Minor Surgery

Minor surgical procedures are carried out by appointment and the doctors will be happy to advise you on this. We also provide a cryotherpay service on a monthly basis.


Travel Immunisations / Vaccinations

Please make an appointment at least 4 weeks in advance of your holiday to ensure adequate cover.

A charge will be made for certain immunisations and vaccinations which are not covered by the NHS. A list of these charges is held at reception.

Please complete the online travel questionnaire prior to your appointment or ask for this at reception.

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Counselling is available at the surgery. Please ask your doctor for an appointment.


Women's Health

Any aspect of care, including contraception, menopause management, pre-conception, morning-after-pill, cervical smears, is provided during surgery hours.

We receive frequent requests for prescriptions to delay periods for travel or sports reasons. We are no longer issuing these. If you would like to postpone your period, you can visit a pharmacy website by searching online for ‘delay period pill’, have an online counselling session with a pharmacist and order the medication privately from them. 



Vaccinations and immunisations, including childhood vaccinations and immunisations, are available.

Shingles Vaccination - There is a lot of media coverage regarding shingles vaccinations at the moment.  Please be advised that shingles vaccinations are available for anyone from the date of their 70th birthday until the day before their 80th birthday so please do call the practice if you fall into this category.  Patients born between 01.09.1958 and 31.08.1959 are eligible from the day of their 65th birthday and an invitation will be sent to you during your birthday month, please do not call the practice to book until this invitation has been received.


Flu Vaccinations

An influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for patients with heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes and residents of nursing and rest homes. Eligible patients will be invited to attend a vaccination clinic in the autumn.