OPTIMising therapies, disease trajectories, and AI assisted clinical management for patients Living with complex multimorbidity

Doctors currently treat different diseases separately. They prescribe a different drug for each condition, which may not help people who have more complex multiple long-term conditions.

A medical treatment for one disease can make another disease worse or better, but there’s very little information on this. This means we are not sure which medical treatments will have the best outcomes for patients with multiple long-term conditions.

The OPTIMAL study is three-year study looking to develop novel artificial intelligence technologies to study electronic health records of individuals with two or more conditions known as “complex multimorbidity”.

The aim of the research is to:

  1. Find the mix of diseases and drug treatments that interact over time to worsen or improve a patient’s health.
  2. Predict the next disease that people might develop.
  3. Find drugs that help more than one disease.
  4. Work with patients, the public and health professionals to produce computer programs to help doctors improve the choice of drugs in patients with complex multimorbidity.

You can find more detailed information about the study and what taking part involves here.