Private Fees




There are a number of medical reports that we are often asked to complete on behalf of agencies and organisations such as insurance companies or private health providers.

This work is outside of the statutory General Practice contract.

GP's do not have a contractual obligation to fill in these reports and Ryeland Surgery can only offer this service on a private basis.



Please note, from 20th May 2024 all private administration must be fully paid for in advance prior to the work being carried out. 

Insurance claim forms requiring medical opinion £50 + VAT
Holiday cancellation forms requiring medical opinion £50 + VAT
Firearms licence applications £50 + VAT
Employment Report £50 + VAT
Lasting Power of Attorney forms £80 + VAT
Lasting Power of Attorney forms requiring a home visit £140 + VAT

Please note these private services can take up to 30 days to process and no guarantees of a speedy turnaround can be offered.

Any such requests for factual information (such as a life insurance application) will be outsourced to who will liaise with the insurance company directly. Medi2data are accredited by NHS Digital and conform to the relevant data security standards.


Medical Examinations

  • We only carry out DVLA medicals if the DVLA contact us directly requiring information regarding a specific medical condition. We will charge the DVLA, there is no charge to the patient.
  • We also carry out fostering and adoption medicals. It is usual for the Agency to be invoiced directly for this service.
  • We do not carry out private medicals such as HGV, taxi or sports medicals.

For any further information or clarification please speak to our Patient Services Advisors at Reception.