Screen and TREAt for Malnutrition (STREAM Trial)

About 20% of older people living at home are at risk of malnutrition. In particular, poor appetite is an important risk factor for malnutrition and for weight loss, which is in turn a risk factor for the development of infections, hospital admissions and even longer term mortality. This may be because they are not getting enough to eat, or because they are not eating enough of the right food.

An intervention (‘Eat well, feel well, stay well’) has been developed, to help doctors and nurses check for risk of malnutrition. It includes support packages which can then be offered to those who need it. 
This study aims to assess the effectiveness of this intervention. 

All patients get a brief intervention with patient booklets and follow-up, but individuals who are at much greater risk will have the brief intervention plus oral nutritional supplements (ONS) for short spells when they are unwell. The study will also follow a group of patients who have the usual care that is provided by their doctors’ surgery.

You can find more detailed information about the study and what taking part involves here.