Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which a person’s blood glucose levels (also known as ‘blood sugar’ levels) are too high. It affects 1 in 16 people in the UK. We know that what we eat affects our blood glucose levels. We want to study whether it is possible for GPs and practice nurses to support people with type 2 diabetes to change their diet so that they achieve remission from diabetes.

Remission means a person has normal or near normal blood glucose and does not need medicines for diabetes. Being in remission will greatly improve your chances of avoiding long-term risks from diabetes to your eyes, kidneys, heart, and brain. It will lower blood pressure and reduce the need for blood pressure medication.

The study will compare a new programme of support from a nurse and GP to help you change your diet over 6 months (DIAMOND) with the current best dietary advice delivered at your GP practice. The programme of support is called DIAMOND, and will support you to make quite big changes to the amount and type of food you are eating for 12 weeks and the type of food you are eating thereafter. To support you to change your diet you will be seen at your GP practice six times over six months. We will measure how well the advice is delivered, how successful people are in following different advice, and the changes people see in their weight and blood glucose levels, over a 12 month period. 

Find more detailed information about the study and what taking part involves here.